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QFX Staff Interview: Shivy

Name: Shivy

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Volunteer Coordinator

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Twitter: @SoftShivy

Instagram: @SoftShivy

Tell everyone a bit about you.

Hello! My name is Siobhan (Shivy for short), and I am a Los Angeles transplant originally hailing from New York City. I am an INFJ, Gryffindor, Enneagram Type 2, and a Cancer. I am a photographer. I am part of the team behind Sanvers United, and you can most often find me drinking coffee, crying over fictional LGBTQ+ characters, or trying to pet every cat I see.

How did you get involved with QFX?

I first heard of QFX through a discussion with my friends/fellow QFX teammates, regarding a new con that’s intention was to be queer, inclusive, diverse, and accessible. As an avid con-goer, and member of the LGBTQ+ community, these are all things I hold near and dear to my heart. I was approached some months later by two of the directors and asked if I would like to be a part of QFX in a greater capacity. I said of course, and here we are. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this team!

There are a ton of conventions out there, some that do cater to the LGBTQ+ community, how do you feel QFX is different?

QFX mission to be specifically diverse and accessible, I personally think are its strongest points. So often in both conventions and media, accessibility gets sacrificed for seemingly more important factors. Accessibility, not only in terms of being physically able-bodied, is so important to the LGBTQ+ community. I was greatly moved by QFX dedication to mental health and recognizing the need for content warnings and the like.

Of all the guests that one could possibly ask for, who would you love to see or meet?

OMG. My dream guest would be Lauren German. Obviously, we don’t know if she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but she played a gay character on Chicago Fire, and I really would love to meet her and have a conversation about life.

QFX has made it quite clear they are all about diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. What does this mean to you?

Often times in the media, diversity is something so severely lacking. Whether that diversity is among characters, cast, crew, etc, we need to see more minorities represented. This includes people of color, LGBTQ+ identities, those who are less able-bodied, and so on and so forth. QFX strives to bring these people to the forefront and that is so important to me.

We’ve all heard the phrase “representation matters”, but it can ring hollow in our current times. What do you feel or think when you hear it?

My mind immediately flashes to Clexa’s first kiss, and then immediately to Lexa’s death. *cue crying* That was the origin of the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope, and the start of a huge movement in media and representation. For me, the phrase ‘representation matters’ means accurate and real representation of non-binary and trans folks, Aro/Ace representation, the struggles of coming out and finding comfortability within oneself. It means diving into mental health struggles and normalizing the stigma. It means not every LGBTQ+ character is a gay white man or woman. It means we see the feminine, the masculine, the gender non-conforming and everything in between. Representation fucking matters because every person is important and your story needs to be heard and we all deserve to see ourselves in someone in media. *screams into the void*

If we were sitting in your living room, wanting to watch a show or movie, what are the top five you would recommend we binge?

Wynonna Earp, Charmed (the original, DUH), Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, Chicago Fire

As an Earper, what’s your favorite Wynonna Earp episode thus far?

Wynonna Earp season 3, episode 5. “Jolene”. This episode resonated with me so heavily as someone who struggles with mental illness. Seeing anxiety and depression on the screen in the form of a demon, so to speak, and seeing that impact on Waverly was something that I will never forget. I am grateful for that open, honest portrayal of what is so often seen as a problem.

Have you met any Wynonna Earp cast members? If so, what’s your favorite experience with them?

As a hardcore Earper, I’ve actually only met Dominique Provost-Chalkey. She is an absolute angel. My favorite experience pertaining to the Wynonna Earp cast would have to be from Earper Homestead in August (2019). I did not get to attend and I was utterly broken over the fact that I would be missing the con and all my friends. Two of my friends went out of their way to make me feel loved, seen, and important. I received a video from a friend of Melanie Scrofano that will always be so important. My friend (who is the Waverly to my Wynonna), went to the con and we were supposed to share a Dom/Mel photo op. She went ahead and had Melanie hold a sign saying ‘Where’s Shivy?????’ and that will always be huge to me.

Name one thing you do (hobby, quirk, or something else) that people might find odd?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. *long pause* I wear bandanas as belts. I wear beanies and combat boots all year long. I write dark poetry as a hobby. Are any of these weird?

To game or not to game… Do you? If so, which systems and what is your favorite.

To the game! I’ve always been a Nintendo fan, as those are the systems I had growing up. Legend of Zelda - Majora’s Mask for the N64 is, and will forever be my favorite game of all time.

WynHaught or WynCedes?

WynSita…. Can I even use that answer?

It is now! Okay, you’re a Gryffindor, but that’s Universal/WB. I have to ask what Disney character would you be?

Hmm, that’s a really good question… Realistically, I’d probably be Merida. She’s headstrong, free-spirited, and a bit defiant. She knows what she wants and is willing to fight for herself, yet her soft side is extremely prevalent.

Final question, what do you hope people who attend QFX leave saying or feeling?

I genuinely hope that people come to QFX and leave feeling lighter. I hope they feel seen, heard, validated, and represented. I hope they feel safe, and like they’ve found a place that is authentic, honest, and genuine. I’d love for our attendees and talent to have the best possible con experience and come back again for our next event and bring a friend or two or twelve.

Want to continue talking about all things Wynonna Earp or just touch base - follow Shivy on Twitter: @SoftShivy or Instagram: @SoftShivy.

**Until next time, this is Kimberly “vanquishing demons is not a sport” Amato, signing off.**

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