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Friday Funday - What’s your favorite, most meaningful or iconic Queer moment on TV?

Does Representation Matter? Holly said that was a better question to ask when I interviewed her and it has stayed in my brain. Yes, representation matters. It’s not just a t-shirt, a phrase to be used in writing rooms to garner support for a project, or to raise money for a cause. It’s a serious issue brought on by a significant lack of diversity in TV/film within the queer community and beyond. This is why moments on television permanently mark our hearts and bury themselves deep within our souls to never be forgotten. Maybe it’s because there are so few moments where we actually feel seen. Maybe it’s because communities are constantly under-represented all across media that a breadcrumb is enough to feed a fandom for years.

For me, the first time I felt truly seen was with Amber Benson’s character of Tara McClay on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The character’s shy behavior, hiding who she was, fighting for the ones she loved and always being insecure - it was me. The most iconic moment had to be when I watched Willow and Tara kiss for the first time on screen. It was a heartbreaking episode and I cried for a myriad of reasons. But that kiss, seeing it for the first time, there was no subtext, no need for my mind to create a story - it was real and shown on screen like any other heterosexual couple. “Your shirt” will be a line that haunts me forever, but the relationship was too iconic to ignore.

That was my moment and thankfully, there have been a few more. We put the question out to twitter and this is what our team and some followers posted.

Those are a few replies and thoughts about the iconic moments in media. We want to know, what about you? Reply in the comments below and tell me what represented you in TV/Film? I look forward to seeing your replies!

**Until next time, this is Kimberly “I l-lamp you!” Amato, signing off.**

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