Panels and Workshops

Check out the Panels and Workshops featured at QFX East 2020! More details to be announced soon...

What happens when Batwoman's arch-nemesis and her ex-girlfriend hit the stage at QFX? With Rachel and Meagan in attendance, it's bound to involve some behind the scenes stories and a whole lot of fun.  

Guests: Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy


Have you ever wanted to ask a device what queer shows are on TV that week? Maybe you want to ask it if an actor is out, or if there are any queer storylines on a certain show. You can do all of those things and more with the LezWatch.TV News Alexa Skill. Come see a demo of what the skill can do and geek out to the technology and data that makes it work. 

Speakers: Mika Epstein, Tracy Levesque and Nikki Tantum

Hey, Alexa, What's Queer on TV Today?

Lost Girl was groundbreaking television. Even after 10 years, the battle of the ships remain: Doccubus vs Valkubus. Come join Anna, Zoie, Rachel, Erica and Emily in discussing memories, the impact of Lost Girl on current television and brunch!


Guests: Emily Andras, Erica Luttrell, Zoie Palmer, Anna Silk and Rachel Skarsten

Lost Girl: Ten Years Later

A fan favorite saved from cancelation, One Day at a Time continues to showcase poignant storylines including Elena's coming out and Syd's non-binary status. Listen to Ariela, Isabella and Sheridan discuss the new season on a new network, the fight to save their show and much more.


Guests: Ariela Barer, Isabella Gomez and Sheridan Pierce

One Day at a Time

The show might be over, but the legacy of Marvel's Runaways with its strong characters and powerful storylines remains. Come join the cast as we celebrate a show that allowed us to escape into a world where people could fly, absorb a magical staff, send out a dinosaur for protection or shapeshift.


Guests: Ariela Barer, Ginny Gardner, Lyrica Okano and Clarissa Thibeaux

Marvel’s Runaways

Facing Adversity and Finding Individuality: In this WayHaught-centric panel, we dive into Waverly and Nicole’s individual journeys to finding their place in Purgatory. Our purpose is not defined by where we come from.  

Guests: Emily Andras, Kat Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley

WayHaught Uncovered


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